Total Recall Records Management Software

With the Total Recall Client Web Access, users can manage their records real-time 24 hours a day. Quickly search and request inventory, schedule collections and deliveries, and order supplies. Users can also catalogue the contents of their records. Import files, scan media, or copy and paste function can create or request media inventory.

Web request automatically create work orders which reduces error and streamlines the order creation process. Supports robust approval processes for all major activities (i.e., add, retrieve, refile, remove, miscellaneous request).

Records retention schedule can be incorporated into the web interface to assist with consistent record inventory processes. Destruction reviews can be performed online with options to update retention schedule or expire date, request records for review or request records for destruction.

Users can view live inventory reports, view past work orders and invoices. Reports can also be created from custom queries through any of the search options (i.e., single item, advanced search).

Users have the ability to manage in-house records. Complete with internal chain of custody, barcode scanning, location management, and more.